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Persistent Pain After Surgery

Persistent pain after surgery...

In the unfortunate circumstance under which you still experience pain after surgery, we are here to provide you with the experience and the answers that you deserve. We relieve pain post spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, hernia surgery, abdominal surgery, or breast surgery. 

  1. Persistent pain after surgery is defined as pain which lasts more than 6 months after the surgical procedure.
  2. The pain usually feels differently than the original pain from the surgery.
  3. It may involve the original area of the surgery or may involve the a larger, more diffuse area.
  4. Usually the pain results from damaged nerves. 
  5. Oral pain medications do not relieve the pain.

Treatment consists of a varied approach to "reset" or "calm" the damaged nerves.

  1. Oral non-addictive medication
  2. Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant
  3. Adhesiolysis (lysis of adhesions): This is a procedure performed using live Xray during which medication is injected around an injured nerve in order to dissolve surrounding scar tissue and reduce inflammation.
  4. Regenerative Medicine
  5. Radiofrequency nerve ablation of the replaced hip
  6. Radiofrequency nerve ablation of the replaced knee
  7. Suprascapular (shoulder) nerve block and nerve ablation