Damore Dentistry


Patient Forms

Prior to your visit, please take the time to fill out new patient forms. This will allow us to efficiently see you at your scheduled visit time. Click on the link below to print forms. Please fill them out prior to your visit. Bring a valid ID and your insurance card. Arrive at least 15 minutes early to your appointment. There may be additional information that we may ask you to fill out.

You may bring these forms with you, drop them off, or fax them to

(844) 221-1862.

For New Patients:

If you are new to our office and are seeing us for a consultation, please fill these forms.

New Patient Paperwork

For New Patients with Headaches as their primary reason for visit:

If you are seeing us as a new patient for your headaches, please fill out these forms.

New Patient Headache Paperwork